23 October 2017

Note To Self.

To Me

Happy Birthday baby girl!
You've beaten the odds in so many ways.
I've watched you grow into the person I only imagined I would be.
Peeling each layer and getting to know yourself thoroughly,
analysing your marinade in small careful details,
slowly and gently pouring self love, like gold into the cracks the world created in you.

You have risen up despite your insecurities,
risen up despite your experiences,
risen inspite of the paths paved before you understood how to pave your own.
you've risen through each challenge you've faced from the day you were born,
you've risen so many times, I know you will rise up a thousand more
because of who you are.

" I love you "
I truly, deeply do,
younger you would have found that hard to say to herself,
she thought she was more broken than whole and
believed there was no way forward,
 but you showed her.
You showed her how to love herself and
 how to like her existence.
You showed her how to understand herself thoroughly within.
You taught her ,
taught her to have patience and fight for EVERYTHING she wants.
you taught her that she IS in control.
You taught her how to love others right 
to check herself when shes doing it wrong.
You taught her that there is value in ALWAYS leaving people better than you found them.
You taught her that the smile on her soul is just as significant 
as the smile on her face.
You taught her to be patient with toxic emotions 
and how to lead them into leaving her 
instead of leaving them to lead her.

Instead of being drawn into people's storms,
you've mastered pulling others into your peace with 
empathy and patience.
Grown to understand that you shouldn't expect
sunshine and clear skies from
You've inspire me, 
in so many ways.
On so many days.

So on this day, I want you to know,
You're a beautiful creation
and on any day you may find yourself thinking otherwise,
 I want you to always believe in your truth, your strength and your place on this earth.
affirm and push yourself to be better than you've ever been.
Bath in self love daily. 
You've come so far.
You've been told your whole life that you're destined for greatness
and sweet girl, 
here you are closer to your dreams, 
because of the very love you've nurtured for you,

From this heart to yours, I love you.
Lydia Gratis.

" You've got so much light, I bet the most beautiful flowers grow towards you " - unknown