14 February 2017

Dear Daughter

Dear future Daughter,
Its Valentines day and  today I want to tell you 5 things I wish someone told me as a kid.

1. The good book says "He who finds a wife finds a good thing & obtains favour from the Lord " {Proverbs 18:22}. See, your value was predetermined long before you even knew you. You're a good thing and just like treasure you're to be found. You don't need to convince a man to love you, let alone like you because the man who's missing his rib is out here searching for it. When he finds you. He will love you to the very core of everything lovely.

2. Education, Ambition, Discipline & Dedication are acquired skills. I hope you surround yourself with more people who may be going somewhere slow than people who are going no where fast. The 5 people in your life you spend the most time with are the ones who mould you into who you think you should be or are. Don't ever underestimate yourself, all your mama ever birthed is trophies lol.

3. Strength does not equate firm guard up &  harsh personality. You don't have to risk your feminity to portray a woman who can hold her own & handle her business. It's ok to be seen as the beautiful AND intelligent girl whos strong, but still wants her hand held & her forehead kissed. Letting him lead doesn't make you any less of a woman, You should  know you're Daddy's Princess & your future King's Queen.  Be tender in your strength & have faith ALWAYS.

4. Travel. the world isn't portrayed in its true essence on the media. You won't really KNOW the diversity in culture, beauty & cuisine unless you see, touch & taste it yourself. For instance, mama's favourite ice cream is from this little corner shop in Prague & the first time I cried amongst people was at a concentration camp in Austria & your grandmother tried to pull Santa's beard off in Finland when I was 11 only to realise it was VERY real lol. I knew I wanted to see the whole world at 7 when I got on a plane alone to go live on a VERY different continent.

5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but don't let society mould you into what it wants to behold. Be an example, be good & bougie lol. You are worthy and you only ever need to express yourself in your way and see yourself through my eyes.

Baby you are loved!

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Hugs & Love,