12 August 2016

Constant Gratitude

We make a life altering decision every day upon opening our eyes, automatically thinking we know the day’s outcome, that things will either be good, bad or great. but the truth is we don’t know, we decide.

Each time our alarm rings and reminds us that we’ve been blessed with another day, is when we have the most power to pave our path. See some people wake up at 7AM but don’t make it to 7PM., mostly not by choice but if asked they would probably choose to smile, laugh and love so much more.

Life becomes much clearer when you open your eyes to the realisation that, we can make each day of our life a happy one, doing everything within our power to overlook the ton of negativity trying to weigh us down.

be our own superhero and save our own day, because when all is said and done our story adds substance to someone else’s life, encouraging them not to give in to the struggle. 

“They” will tell us to live a little but what if we woke up each day and decided to live a lot. wake up with a smile and say thank you for a new day, have a shower and affirmed ourselves of how worthy we are, followed by our favourite breakfast and positive vibes. Stop and just breath, realise that life will always be worth living once we accept OUR life is in our own hands and even the little decisions matter.

“We often take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude” -Cynthia Ozick

Explore your passion, find your purpose and love others but don’t empty yourself trying to fill them up. give out more love than you get but never expect it in return. be a better person every day competing with who you were the day before. be consistent with self affirmation, consistent with gratitude and shower yourself with immence love. The world can never have another you, but it won’t love you unless you do! 

Understand that the things that troubled you 14 or at 18 won’t trouble you at 28 and the things at 28 won’t trouble you at 38 because life is ever evolving, you’re ever growing and you can either ride this rollercoaster and come out braver or get off sick. Trauma is trauma no matter when it decides to swiftly stroll into your life but you have the ability to shape the bigger picture by applying gratitude to the fine print. Its in the little details within the big picture that humility, gratitude & happiness reside. 

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you cannot practice any other virtue consistently” - Maya Angelou

Your mind is like an empty garden and if you don’t fill those areas with things you actually want to grow then weeds are going to grow there. So if you’re not filling your mind with the beliefs and thoughts that you want to become your reality, thats when negativity and things you don’t want creep in and start to grounding their roots. ask yourself what grows in your garden? what are you feeding your mind, body, and soul each and every day; does it nourish you?  If those answers are negative, take a deep breath and STOP sabotaging your success.

YOU convince yourself what you are and are not capable of. YOU and your mindset are the ONLY determining factor. You'll either find a way, or find an excuse. Triumph or surrender but always remember that somewhere out there someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

“You will never be able to escape from your heart. so it is better to listen to what it has to say.” - Paulo Coelho