26 July 2016

Your One Precious Life

what do you plan to do with your one precious life?
when you wake up every morning are you excited about your day?
what is your passion?
what drives you to keep waking up?
what would you place on your vision board?
what is your why?
What would you do if you could do it all the time? and last but not least what are you most grateful for? Be fearless when it comes to answering all those questions! Be fearless about life. Hold onto the things you're most grateful for as you pursue your dreams. Remember, 

"a mirror can show you who you are, but a broken mirror can show you a thousand possibilities of what you can be." - unknown

Not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to wake up every morning, dreaming about the life they'd love to live. For those who do get that opportunity, remember, images remain dreams if you're stuck in a maze of procrastination, discouragement and self doubt. 

Learn to eliminate every negative element in your environment, Then tell yourself

 "I deserve it, I deserve it all, I'm coming for it ALL". 

Obstacles may come along the way but they were not meant to destroy us, they were meant to strengthen and empower us. Propelling us forward towards our God-given destiny. Reminding us that our purpose is our own, so we need to hold on to it and pursue  it diligently. Doing something every day that brings us closer to our destiny.

Many of us make the mistake of giving others a mental powerpoint presentation of our goals, waiting for them to buy into our hope with words of affirmation. While we disregard the fact that the fastest way to fail is through words without action. If the vision was for everyone it wouldn't be unique, barely anyone would be passionate about it, its for you and that is why others aren't as passionate as you are. 

"I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what i want to say to the world" - Beyonce

You can't lead people into thinking you're fearless, if you don't believe in yourself enough to take a leap of faith. Its known that, "fearless" does not mean the absence of fear, its meaning lies in the essence of having fear but leaping forward into faith regardless. Push past the expectations of everyone on the outside and start to self affirm yourself back onto the road less travelled. Ignore the haters and the negativity, just do your thing because thoughts become things & nobody cares until everybody cares.

No one can give you whats already yours. You are what you're hungry for. Everything you crave is what you are. You wouldn't crave love if you're not a lover, wouldn't crave giving if you're not a giver and certainly wouldn't crave affirmation if you aren't affirming others, give it all to yourself. Sometimes we need to hold back from freely letting people to withdraw from our life if they are never around when we need a deposit. Acknowledge that sometimes all the care you give out so freely needs to be directed at yourself and used to build YOU up.  People will make you feel bad for wanting what you want but the fact you desire it is just proof that you are it.

 One day you'll be proud when you can confidently say you paved your own path. After all Robert frost did say; 

"I took the one less travelled and that made all the difference".

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