19 July 2016

When you win I win.

When you win I win.
I tap into that little seed of faith
you've sown and watered,
so I can sow my own seeds and water.

When you win I win.
your success reminds me of my personal aspirations and
 how much harder I need to work
because the end goal isn't riches
but the lesson achievement teaches.

because your dreams aren't a party for one.
Just Like the sun, You Shine
Loud cheers and tears.
as you walk across that graduation stage.
walk up that aisle in a white gown or
take your first steps towards recovery.
You're succeeding but you're not done.
I win.

Because you show me
others like me
it CAN be done.

So when you win I win.
when your feet hit the peddle
and you get transported to a future that surpasses your past.
I win.

When you win I win
as you drop to your knees
and put your hands together
giving thanks so fast.
I win

Because I'm reminded that the Big Man upstairs saw my location
 and connected it to a glorious destination,
As he whispered to my heart
" darling Jeremiah 29:11"
and even before I can reach where I wish to be,
 I'm reminded to pray for where I am.

When you win I win
because i know,
before you die,
you can introduce yourself
to yourself
to your world
and to the world

Head held up
posture of a warrior
stepping on your struggle
as it elevates you to your success
When you win I win

Play it all back like a movie
slay life as you're moving

When you win I win

I tell myself, just put your hand in the hat
and pick out the story you're ready to share with them.
The world listens to inspiration
from struggle and strife

We can all win.

Peel each layer
Then slowly heal each layer

{Side note. A poem to women}

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