18 November 2015

My Happy Place

As part of their #MindYourself campaign this week the Independent.ie, an Irish online newspaper has asked me to write an article discussing " My Happy Place". The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness to mental health by sharing advice and anecdotes regarding individual acquired paradise in the midst of mental chaos. In order to help the readers deal with bad days, anxiety, depression etc. Search #MindYourself on twitter for some great posts from other collaborating bloggers and follow their stories and tips.

A happy place is a mental state achieved when one wants to avoid the unpleasant or uncomfortable. Everyone's happy place is different and consists of thoughts or places that make them happy. So even in the midst of chaos, own your happy place for it is yours and no one can ever take that away from you.

This articles has been one which I've struggled to write due to its significants. I typed and deleted for two days before it dawned on me that my happy place is not a destination, it is a journey of decisions and actions I incorporate into my daily activities.

I write this knowing life is no walk in the park, we all experience tough times and sometimes get stuck in a funk we can't seem to shake. But it's important to acknowledge how you feel and gain clarity as to why you feel that way in order to accomplish the peace and joy we all desire to discover. Happiness rests in hope and as long as one has hope, there's always a way to unwind.

Within passion and purpose one finds their happy place or places. Mine happen to roam around sky, earth and within. The sky where people look miniature and all of life's problems seem significantly smaller, looking down from a birds view at patterns of green,brown and blue. The gym where everyone seems to arrive equally  in touch with their troubles yet leaves having unconsciously shed the tense weight of the world on their shoulders and my journals where I write drafts combining my gratitude, plans, thoughts and experiences to discover the possible lessons in each mystery.

Sometimes you find the most beautiful understandings within unexpected places and experiences.  Everyone has a happy place whether its a latte and a good book on the beach of a foreign country or the adrenalin of driving your dream car. Within each moment lays a seed of happiness waiting to be sown and watered, allowing you to release your anxieties and breath. Think of memories or goals that bring you joy even if you aren't in a position to physically be at place of peace and tranquility.

The saying goes " A healthy outside starts from within" nurture your environment by adding good qualities to your life one at a time and make time for the things that allow you to calmly inhale the goodness and exhale the bad.  Remind yourself that you are enough, daily and when anxiety creeps in bare in mind, better times are ahead.