15 February 2015

Compatibility, Imagination And The Future (4)

Dear Future Lover,

Happy Valentines day!
I've been thinking lately and it hit me the idea of someone out there being so compatible with me is quite oddly fascinating. It really hit me, each life experience molds individuals into the their true selves, before making them one. I know it sounds corny lol but I find that intriguingly beautiful.

I don't quite know if this makes any sense whatsoever, but, sometimes I feel as if I'm in the ideal long distance relationship, you in my future. 
I like imagining it with everything I've accomplished and everyone who loves me endlessly. I’ll be waiting for you. Not waiting, in the sense that I’ll be X-ing days on my calendar, pausing moments in my life or keeping my arms wide open just in case you happen to decide, its time to come running into them. But waiting, in the sense that the idea of ‘us’ will always be present in the depth of my mind. Waiting, in the way that we don’t really expect it to, but know it’s possible that the rain will stop, the sun will come out and the pain of past sadness will be a burden no more. Waiting, because I choose to believe in ‘whens' over ‘ifs, when talking about ‘us’.

If there ever comes a day that you find yourself feeling boxed in, please do tell me. I find myself reflecting and wondering how many people I've looked at all my life and never seen them. Caught up in isolation trying to learn how to heal without depending on another individual. I guess I'm old in some ways but in others I'm just a little girl. I like flowers, butterflies and parks on spring mornings. I'm trying to be the person I needed when I was younger. Even though I want my King to treat me like a Queen, please promise to protect the little girl within me.

I've seen so many men want to lay a girl down,
I want someone that can pick me up,

All ways,