7 August 2014

Mind Over Matter

Shes back!! 
I've gone 2 or 3 weeks without blogging or writing because I've felt cornered and unable to produce anything that made sense to me. I realised the thing that pushed me to finally set up my own blog was the fact that people liked the first four pieces I wrote on blog.rossdibenzi.com and that was the path I focused on when I wrote all my other blog articles, until I began to feel like a dry well with nothing to produce. Solely because I wasn't writing for me any more. 

I guess it took me a while to figure out what was wrong. Some how I ended up asking myself "would you still write if no one read what you wrote?" and my answer was "yes, yes I would!". It's something I've always loved doing before anyone even knew I did it. Although I'd given it up for a few years only to be reminded that next to art this is what I love.

See when I started my blog I knew my long term goals but had no plan leading me there. So I basically just kept writing whatever came to mind when I felt the need to upload and ended up feeling like I didn't like writing any more, it felt like all I was writing about was love and relationships, while absolutely nothing is wrong with those 2 topics they just weren't the only topics I hoped to explore. Especially knowing I learnt more about myself each time I wrote. 

Love and relationships ended up being my focus solely because thats why people started reading my work, but that wasn't why I started writing. 

When you feel like you're in a maze, the people that know you the best always point it out to you because even to them its slightly abnormal. Why limit yourself to one topic when you're composed of so much more. I wouldn't have thought of venturing down this path if not for the constant encouragement of close friends and Le Madre. Those who genuinely love you inspire you to be better twofold! 

Nothing is ever handed to you on a silver platter when it comes to finding your passion. No amount of money can buy you your passion, it is priceless, and it is up to each and every one of us to discover what we can truly love, grow and expand with major value.

It's safe to say I've found my foot and I'm back with a bang! Better things ahead with a plan. Because we all know your dreams won't fail you unless you fail them. 

Heres to AllThingsLily 😉

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