14 July 2014

Far from Mediocre (3)

Dear Future Lover,

I hope our love will not just be a cycle. A cycle of failed communication, overwhelming emotion, quiet moments, roaring laughter, screaming rages, snapped arguments and back to silent instances with no resolve. I've seen too much of that in this world and it never ends pretty but always ends. I need your kiss to feel like the cliff before the waterfall that takes control of my soul.
Far from mediocre. I just want someone who keeps my picture in his wallet, in this world full of tumblr and Instagram posts.

I wanna fall in love with your mind as it takes me along for the adventure of creating a new life together. I need us to build upon our love and reach am omnipotent power. Every day won't be perfect it might not even be great. But, I need us to be unstoppable in our journey, like a waterfall.

Diana King meant it when she said just a little tenderness at the end of the day is what I need. Your surprises don't have to be extravagant, just purely genuine. Tap into my soul, break into my heart. Get to know me.

Above all I ask, please don't dance with my heart if you only intend to play one song.

 A mistake my father made. 

 My mother always told me "when you meet the love of your life, speak to the king in him until he notices his crown. So I call you KING! Not as a pet name or term of endearment but as a reminder. They say old ways won't open new doors, which is why I'm invested in building something as fresh as a new day with you, something, "US".

The comfort in common ground is so warm. See, anyone can love a rose but it takes a great heart to love the thorns. So even in your imperfections I'm invested in your perfections. 

When you discover my imperfections I hope you acknowledge that they're a product of the paths I had to walk alone and when guidance came I was grown. My stubborn soul never learnt from anyone or anything but my mothers pain and the lessons of life as they bashed me left and right. I saw things from the ground perspective and not the sky. So whatever I felt I was going through seemed overwhelmingly large to the empath in me, until I prayed for clarity.  It surprised me how well God irons things out especially in places you feel you can't reach. 

And now that I know better, I don't want to fall in love with a perception that equals deception. I want to fall in love with the reality of you. It's the inevitable. 

The force of a waterfall..

P.I.T All ways, Always 
Your Truly 

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