23 June 2014

Homie, lover, Friend (2)

Dear Future Lover,

I thought that first letter I wrote you would be the last til I met you. But I saw something today I just had to tell you.

 I met an elderly American couple today, James and Victoria, they were adorable and I had the pleasure of having lunch with them. 

As we pulled up to our lunch venue, James got out of the car to open his wife's door, then holding her hand, he help. As she humbly and gracefully got out of the car, He went on to gently place her jacket on her and she fixed his collar. They linked arms and Walked towards the restaurant entrance, laughing together.

Victoria spoke with sadness of her past and the trauma she had to endure through life,  but when she reached the story of how her and James met her whole soul lit up, through her eyes and a beaming smile. It was as if she was a teenager, beautiful!. The love in his eyes was so evident, he looked at her like a precious jewel. I couldn't help thinking " Wow! They have the word "team" nailed to the dot. 

I looked at everyone in the room and realised not only did Victoria and James love radiate from them it bounced onto the rest of the people at the table looking at them with love. Some people could not believe the pureness of the love before them, not only were these two lovers but it was so evident that they were best friends! 

To the younger eyes it became more evident that it's all about the one that treats you like royalty rather than the one who treats you to things because they lack loyalty. Most people have love backwards its the respect, loyalty and consistency thats a priority, the people are optional. 

Up until I met them I never realised that the love I dreamed of was not merely a dream. If hate as deep as war, kidnapping and bombing of innocent souls can exist then a love far stronger is definitely as real as the earth. 

I hope I can love you with every breath I take and honor you with every drop in me. Above all I can't wait to be your best friend, learn from you and grow with you. 

Love is a force and I don't want to just hear or see that you love me I want to feel it... 

Love me like art collectors love dead artists

Don't sweat the small stuff,
Hug me everyday as often as possible... promise to be faithful. 
Try your best to make me laugh.
I promise to do the same so our future will be golden.

All ways, 

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