18 May 2014

The dream...

(Text messages.)

Him: Hey Beautiful, how you doing?

Me: Hey :) I'm good and you? Whats up?

Him: Yea, I'm good, I'm good. I'm actually tryna find out what you're doing Saturday? Thought maybe we'd hang out 😋

Me : Saturday night?

Him : nah girl, day time. I know you ain't a fan of the night scene.

Me: lol , nothing in the afternoon. What'd you have in mind?

Him: it's a surprise, text me your address :D , I'll pick you up at 2?

Him: by the way, what kinda flowers does your Mom like?

Me: lol charming. Lillies 😎

Him: lol I figured. So I'll see you Saturday x


Quarter to 2 and my heart was racing anticipating that Knock on my front door. 

At 5 to 2 the doorbell rings and I hear my mum answering the door to greet him "Lily never told me you were this handsome! , come on in young man. I'm her mum nice to meet you!" I hear him chuckle and shyly reply a "thank you" , whilst handing her what I assume to be flowers from the crackle sound of plastic wrap. She should be down in a second why don't you give them to her. "No ma'am these are for you, thank you for allowing me to take your daughter on a date" 

I stroll downstairs watching my mum smile at him approvingly. 
Hey I'm ready I smiled shyly as they both turned to look at me. He was starring and I was hoping it was in a good way. 

"You look beautiful" he mumbled shyly, in my mums presence. My breath returned as I smiled wide thank you, you don't look so bad yourself I replied.  It's cute how he fumbled with his words. "The flowers are beautiful mum we're gonna go now, I'll be home at 10"

Closing the door behind me as we walked to his car and he opened the door for me, closing it as i sat down.

Soo.. Where are we going? I asked,
"It's a surprise, don't worry I have the whole day planned out" 

we got to know each other through
the drive to this secret location, he seemed interested in my passions, aspirations and family. It was nice being asked about me for once by a guy in an appropriate manner. He was actually really smart and funny.

Parking right infront of Dublin zoo, I couldn't contain my excitement.
"Omgosh! You're taking me to the zoo!!! No way! I love this place! How did you know!??? "

He chuckled, "Your best friend told me you love panthera and Disney amongst other things and since theres no Disney land here, the zoo it is. I was worried you'd be disappointed assuming you've been here a lot.

I smiled, "no, I'm excited!!". He did home work on this date. wow! he actually invested time into finding out what I love! I mean I've been here a lot at least once a year when I was a kid but not since I was 16, a good 5 years ago.

Just as I was about to open my door he stopped me, "nah I'll get the door. Women don't get doors" I smiled shy not knowing what to reply.

He opened my door and we walked over to the entrance, took out my purse only to find us entering with tickets he'd already bought. 

The day flew by, it was interesting learning about him and his family and listening to jokes about things the animals were doing. 

3 hours later we decided to head back to the car and go for a meal. But for some reason he parked in the Phoenix park right infront of the perfect sunset and told me to put blindfolds on. 

5 minutes later and still blindfolded, the car door opened. 
"You can come out" now he chuckled shyly, "grab my hand and don't look so worried"

I loosened up, placed my hand in his and got out of the car. We stopped 10 steps away as he removed the blind folds to showcase the most amazing lil picnic arrangement with my favourite foods.

Observing me nervously, he scratched the back of his head and cleared his throat trying to catch my attention as I looked on amazed with my hands at each side of my face.

"Lily!" He chuckled, sitting on the carefully laid out blanket and patting the ground beside him, "come sit down."

shyly nodded, as I sat down mumbling a thank you, no one had ever made so much of an effort for me before, I never expected this from him of all people even after being friends for so long.

The food was amazing and so was the company. As the sun disappeared and it began to get cold he gave me his jacket and we packed the picnic things back into the car. The ride home consisted of out of tune singing along to Will.i.am, Pharrell and Tyrese and laughing on both sides. It was fun. 

We arrived my house and once again he stopped me from opening the door rushing to my side to open it for me.  We walked to the door both silent and smiling.

You told your mum you'd be home at 10 right? I nodded agreeing. Great it's 9:30 so we ain't in trouble he wiped his forehead dramatically sighing as I chuckled at his silliness.

 "Thank you for a fun day" I said looking at his shy grin. "It was my pleasure, I hope we can hang out again some time?" He asked.

"Yea I'd like that" , I mumbled shyly, "call me."

"Will do. Goodnight beautiful."
I smiled, uttering " Good night" back as I leaned in to kiss his cheek. 

Watching him walk back to his car as I walked into my house....

And I woke up from "the dream"

Yes! this hasn't happened to me either lol, yet....

I think the scariest thing in the world is that you never know someone's intentions with you. But when was
the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots of your soul. Mentally capturing you by touching you without actually touching you? 

We're surrounded with the understanding that we need to pursue rather than be pursued. When the actual fact is that a young Queen should never chase anything but her dreams. Don't lower your standards because you're surrounded by lower standards. 

Not all men are the same so stop chanting it like a mantra.

Theres a guy out there who is going to spoil you with his loyalty, keep it 110% real with you no matter what and stay by your side even when things get hard. He'll never cheat and forever invest in helping you become a better version of yourself each day bringing out the best in you. Constantly showing you he loves you instead of just telling you. He'll genuinely be interested in knowing the dustiest corners of your soul and the brightest glow of your heart. 

God never made you to be lonely or alone. But if you keep tying your soul to others that were never ordained for you, as they strip away your happiness and peace. You're connecting with all their messy vibes and meeting YOUR soul mate becomes a challenge. 

    Remember ,

            "Not all that glitters is gold"

Lily Aaliyah x

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