19 May 2014

The Other Side

YOU release your words 
and worries soar away like birds...
but on the other side
Sorry gains no clarity
Just pity and charity.
wanting a new city.
with walls so high,
blocking lust
waiting to find out if love runs through you.

Your ways arent cheap, 
but on the other side
empathy flows deep and
Each wound refusing to seep. 
Can't break a heart thats already been shattered 
even if once your words mattered.

See, when you're a Queen at heart,
Forgiveness is an art.
not so simple.
Especially when they strike,
on the other side
and at each lie
you sigh
because they like.
that the person in the 
mirror doesnt match 
their reflection thats when 
You know you have to catch 
your reaction.

See they say you're a good writer 
your words a highlighter , 
because on the other side
You cant stay 
and loved ones want you 

not knowing, 
you're on the other side

The company of cold hearted souls

Forget the dust...
 invest in the gold!

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