2 May 2014

Faith Over Fear !

I recently started a new book called "Mother Of Malawi" By Al Gibson, This book tells the story of The beautiful Mrs Annie Chikhwaza, founder of Kondanani, a beautiful village in Malawi dedicated to caring for young orphans.                         Its a 317 page book but so overwhelming to the point that after page 65 I was so overwhelmed on my flight home from Belgium I just had to close the book and look outside, seeing nothing but blue sky's & clouds does tend to give you epiphanies. Annie speaks of how she endured sexual abuse from men from the age of eight years old, how her mother continuously told her she would never amount to anything. She speaks of how she went from working in a mental institute to being placed in a straight jacket & being rescued to being in an abusive relationship but through all this she selflessly cleaned, cooked and cared for those who had no voice despite being told to stay away from the "dirty people" , risking her life to give hope to the hopeless, countless times starring in the face of death having faith that God  was in control. Molested, divorced, attempted rape, attempted murder, beaten close to death and the death of her beloved 2nd husband. Yet she refuses to be deflated.

It's one thing when YOU know your OWN trials and tribulations, but to read someone elses testimony and weep is another thing all together. After everything I've been through in life God has always given me the strength to get past it and faith in him to carry me through, kept me together even when I felt like giving up, it was never my own power.  No matter how much I slipped or how little time I gave him he has been by my side reminding me that challenges are for champions and this realisation is what makes the devil try harder with your life. Faith over fear is what God wants out of each and every one of us. When you realise that there is power in the name of God then you will keep pushing forward towards him instead of letting the devil blow you around like a leaf in the wind. Break those chains because what you can perceive you will achieve. I hope to one day do more for others and encourage those that feel broken. Maybe even put my life into a book and change the lives of those whose hearts need to feel what I'm feeling having felt what I've felt. Never doubt what God can do for you or who he uses to do it.
Happiness is your portion. No matter what you have done or been put through. Depression, sadness & a loss of understanding towards ones path are all too prevalent in this generation. But if you've got your feet on steady ground and realise that you need clarity because you cannot be hammered down by things you have clarity about. Every ones in their own lane & fighting their own pain.                                                            If you guys get a chance pick up the book in Easons it'll be worth your while!
- Lily Aaliyah x

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