10 April 2014

Power Of Words

So, I once read this article about the theoretical and practical assessment of water memory and plant growth carried out by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto claiming “Do not offend water it remembers every word you say”. In the article Emoto carries out an experiment consisting of 3 plants and 3 water bottles. Each plant was labelled “Positive”, “Negative” and “Control” and a bottle was assigned to each one.

On day one of the experiment Emote filled the bottle for the positive plant with water and spoke goodness to the water.
 Script : (Positive)

“ You are a smart plant, you are beautiful. You know everything and will be the tallest plant ever! You are worth everything to me. You succeed at everything! You are the apple of my eye. I want you to live forever. You are amazing at everything you do. You are beautiful and admirable. I love you! “

He then continued the same method with the negative plant speaking negativity to it.
Script: (Negativity)

“You are stupid stupid stupid! You are an idiot too. You know nothing and you will never be able to grow. You are worthless. You are terrible at everything that you try. You are junk to me. If you die right now no one would even care. You will fail at every single thing that you try. You are pathetic and ugly. I hate you! “

And when it came to the control plant he just watered it in silence.
This experiment was carried out for 2 weeks and results showed the plant watered with positivity was symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than the one with dark, negative words which was in worse condition than the control. Thus proving water has emotion memory and as a result produces either beautiful crystals or ugly shapes when freezing.

So y’all are probably thinking ok Lily! 
Where is this going? What are the implications of this?

Frankly if our words, thoughts and very consciousness affect the physical world around us, including water and plants, then our every thought, action or word leaves an imprint on every living thing we pass by. We are affecting the world in a profound way through what we used to think was the most miniscule action. We can no longer believe that our thoughts and feelings are powerless and invisible and never leave the confines of our physical bodies. Rather we have become aware that the exact opposite is true.

An average of 65-75% of water makes up the human body. Babies have the most being born at 75% water and the average adult human consisting of 65% water.  Although looking at the bigger picture. Earth is made up of 71% water…

Sooo… with all the negative energy roaming around and all the hate easily being passed on, Could it be that we’re self-destructing?

I never noticed the implications of negativity towards ones health until recently. You see last august I spent  10 days in hospital amongst doctors who decided it was best to put me in a ward with old women who couldn’t walk to do their number 1s & 2s , let along feed themselves. I was pressing my nurse bell solely to tell a nurse who did a shit in that open ward based on direction of smell (Yes I wasn’t a happy patient happy & asking to be moved made no difference). Every morning the doctors would come check on me they reminded me that if I wasn’t any better the next day or the day after they’d have to operate which would leave consequences every girl doesn’t want to hear “ You may not be able to conceive” if operated. But even though my mum was half way across the world she’d call me and stop my crying telling me

“Baby you’re strong! Don’t listen to what they say! You’re beautiful, smart and amazing. Don’t cry because everything is going to get better. You’ll be out of there really soon and you’ll have LOTS of babies heck you’ll have twins, triplets & quadruplets LOL!! Nothing is going to get in your way, you won’t need an operation you are healed"

 All it took was love, faith, hope & belief for me to feel better gradually & refuse to give into fear. I was let out with antibiotics and told to return in 6 months incase an operation was needed. instead of ”you’re getting better so we feel confident to discharge you a lot of progress has been made". I came home stressing and worrying”.

My mum flew home and I got better. 6 months later I was in an ambulance on the way to a hospital AGAIN. Negativity weighing heavily on my mind.  Arrived the hospital only to hear the paramedics shaking their head and dismissively telling me “next time don’t call us just go to your GP” (Too weak to talk I just thought to myself "because the GP is open at 2AM when I wake up in pain right? Bravo!! ") On arriving the hospital, wated for 2 hours then I was left on a stretcher in the middle of the corridor and told “it’s nothing serious you can go home” just before lunch the next day.

Got home and suffered THREE more weeks of on and off pain.
Then one evening my mum was on the phone telling her friend what I was going through, and her friend suggested praying over a glass of water with Psalm 24 every morning and night for 7 days. Within 3 days the pain was gone completely and I felt so much more happier and healthier.

Sooo… with all the negative energy roaming around and all the hate easily being passed on, Could it be that we’re self-destructing when loving sets us free?

 Y’all finna change or nah…  ?

                                                Lily Xx