10 April 2014

Fear Of Loving The Wrong Man (1)

Dear future Lover,

I’ve never referred to anyone as my “Lover” before , EVER,
 the depth of the word alone makes me giddy lol.  But the fact you’re reading this with me says that you’re HIM! , that handsome, kind, warm hearted, gentle and humble fellow who turned my world sunny side up. I know when writing this we probably haven't met yet, but please make me believe that it still exists inside myself to love another without regret, especially because I know you’re worth loving and I'll never ask anything of you; other than to love me (especially when I need it most), never lie to me and go on long adventures with me.

  You’ll notice in this that despite us not meeting yet. I speak of you highly. This is simply because I believe this world consists of so many mediocre things but love shouldn’t be one of them.  If you’re reading this then I am 100% sure I’ve never met anyone like you and you are my soul mate, I can’t exactly call you the love of my life because I expect to love you much longer, the love of my existence.
I hope that by the time I’ve met you my relationship with God has reached a new found depth, Only you will understand the reason for this, knowing all I’ve endured in life and how he never allowed me to crumble. I’m young, although I feel beyond my years...

You probably want to know a bit about me, so I will do my best to tell you the things you are curious about. Similar to how a gift isn’t defined by its wrapping paper, the love that we share won’t be defined by material things and exterior beings. I pray for you and I pray about us. I've seen great love and I've seen mediocre and the greats were always the realest.

You can tell me everything and anything, I promise to listen before I speak always. We may quarrel, yet always remember this, If our love remains so deep I’ll always prefer to lose an argument with you than have a happy moment with another. I’ll love my conversations with you, especially in the morning, because you are going to make my coffee or green tea taste perfect, for every single sip I take, while staring at you as you discuss something serious, sweet or goofy.

 I hope you know whenever you need me, even without words said, I’ll be by your side assuring, encouraging and exalting you through life’s storms. No matter what the world says, I want you to always know you are not alone. I promise to never compare you to another or make you feel any less than a king, my King.  My compassion will always radiate, although I’ll always be your partner I won’t hide the truth from you even when you are wrong.  Even more, I’ll celebrate you when you’re right.  Cheering you on the loudest. 
In our journey of life, May we never throw away the value of what our marriage union stands for, although, I am not in an illusion that things will always be a bed of roses or a fairy tale. I know through respect, honesty, integrity & genuine love that we’ll always remain best friends.

Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.”  - Alphonse Karr.

I am so grateful for having an amazing and loving man like you, For I know overcoming the storms of life has made me become the woman you deserve to have.  

All ways, 


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