10 April 2014

Love And Lust

Love : a strong feeling of affection.

Lust : strong sexual desire.

By definition these two are easy to differentiate but in real life setting not many people acknowledge the difference.To be honest I believe this has a lot to do with society and the change in structure of family life.

A happy home usually consisting of both parents, who are genuinely in love and not afraid to express their love, loyalty and respect and this means kids grow up seeing a positive example of love and know how to express it. But hey, what happens to those who don’t? Welllll, Society steps in with “Sex will bring you closer” , “Guys cheat because its in their nature” , “shes a hoe but hoes make good wives because they know what guys want”.

FirstlyNO! Sex will not bring you closer, you’re just contaminating your soul.

Guys cheat because girls let them, he isn’t cheating with himself honey!

As for hoes they don’t know what guys want they just give everything they have to whoever wants it, with no complaint of self damage.

Lust is the desire for the body, love is the desire for the soul.

The desire of love is to give, the desire of lust is to get.

So actually; the difference between love and lust can simply be summed up by saying lust can be fulfilled by anyone or anything and is a temporary fix for that gaping emptiness, that in the long run only hurts you. 

But love is different, Love takes time, patience, and gratitude; it never leaves, it’s not a crutch for any pain, it’s a healer of it with a double edge sword, one that hurts more not when you’re the one in pain but when you’re the one causing the pain. Something much deeper and profound that has more potential in lasting longer is love.Love and lust are the thin line between a potential break up and that best friend who becomes a lifelong partner.

I once read that when a man loves, his entire being projects the caveman within, a natural desire to protect you, provide for you and proudly profess your place in his life, in turn allowing his woman to submit into honoring , respecting and catering for him. All the characteristics of a loved woman come into play when a man shows a woman unconditional love.

With this being said I want to touch a very misunderstood word here; “submissive”. When a lot of people hear this word they associate it with a woman being a door mat, which is not true. The truth is a woman naturally expects to be showered with love and in return she submits; she will support, encourage, affirm, advise and respect you. Thats what I call submission and  I believe thats how power couples are formed. 

As a man, once you hang up the jersey and learn that it’s better to be the team owner than a player , when you’d rather share your side of the bed, not just lend your extra pillow to a strangers head…when you trade in club nights and drunken conversations for movie nights on the couch and completely understandable silence! That’s when you’ve got the right mind set to being a man…having multiple women doesn’t make you the man, it makes you look unsure and incapable of making a solid decision…a real man always knows exactly what he needs in life and waste no time getting it when he has it in his sights! So at some point you’ll have to let go of boyish acts of selfishness and adapt to a man’s way of thinking! God is love and when you have someone real by your side; give them the best blessing this world has to offer…your heart!

Lily Xx